Hello everyone! My name is Dan Voltz, and I’m a science fiction artist and illustrator living near Minneapolis, MN, with my wife Liz (an awesome food photographer) and our two cats (Terran and Six).

I’ve been drawing pretty constantly since I was in Kindergarten (I had a drawing dry spell during college… but I picked up the pencil again a number of years ago).

Now, I tend to paint dinosaurs and spaceships! I’m a huge science fiction fan–and I’ve always loved dinosaurs, so the combination is not entirely surprising.

I have also created the world of Extinction Coast–a place where dinosaurs and humanity live side by side (mostly peacefully–look, don’t antagonize the velociraptors and you’ll be okay). You can learn more about Extinction Coast here!

If you like my art and you want to see more of it, there are two ways you can support me:

  • Purchase a print from my online store, here
  • Donate to my Ko-Fi account, here

Both forms of support are deeply appreciated and help me continue to make awesome and amazing artwork!