Tyrannosaurus rex – Standoff

A painting of a tyrannosaurus rex. The Tyrannosaur stands in an abandoned parking lot, illuminated mostly by a street light. It's surrounded by snowy rocks, foggy atmosphere, and wary-looking crows.

For the first few years, there was only one Tyrannosaur on the Extinction Coast. That worked out. Tyrannosaurs are big animals, and they need a wide range.

But now there’s a second. This newer T. rex is a little more standoffish, a little more confrontational. Still, if you give the animal a wide berth, it won’t cause you any trouble.

This particular Tyrannosaurus rex seems particularly disturbed by the crows that fly around Extinction Coast’s harbors. Sometimes, the giant dinosaur will take an aggressive snap at the smaller, flying dinosaurs. It’s almost as if this particular T. rex is holding a grudge: you survived and I didn’t.

Well… they both survived now.

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