Optimus Primal Art – That’s Just Prime

Digital art showing Optimus Primal (as seen in Beast Wars: Transformers), holding a butterfly on one finger. Mountains can be seen in the peaceful background.

Who remembers Beast Wars? I know I do. I was in high school when it was airing for the first time–and I remember thinking it was just freaking amazing.

I’d been very familiar with the Transformers before Beast Wars, but Beast Wars was when my Transformers fandom really got started going. So it’s no surprise I started working on some Beast Wars paintings!

This piece features Optimus Primal, heroic leader of the Maximals. And I know it’s called Beast “Wars,” but I really wanted to showcase a more chill and peaceful scene–hence the butterfly.

Want to support the creation of more Beast Wars artwork? Purchase a print from my store, here!

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