Archaeornithomimus – Dawn Guard

A herd of archaeornithomimus walk through a playground at dawn. The achaeornithomimus in the foreground notices the footprint of a large carnivore and raises its head in alarm.

“I heard they’re reforming the Dawn Guard.”

There’s always an archaeornithomimus on the lookout. These animals travel in relatively large herds along the Extinction Coast. Generally, they graze on seeds, nuts, small rodents, lizards–anything they can really get their beaks on.

While the herd is grazing, there’s always one archaeornithomimus with their head up, on the lookout for all manner of threats. When a threat is detected, the animal lets out a shrill warning to the rest of the group.

Usually, the animals take turns being the lookout. What’s interesting is that the shifts are pretty constant–the animal on the lookout first thing in the morning will always have the morning shift.

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