Buitreraptor – Mailbox Sentinel

Buitreraptor art featuring the dinosaur perched on top of an abandoned mailbox. Green trees and grass surround the black, white, and red buitreraptor.

Subsisting mostly on field mice, small snakes, and large insects, Buitreraptor has become a common sight along the Extinction Coast. Their presence is largely beneficial, as they help to control a rodent population that exploded wildly after the Event.

How they hunt, however, is extremely curious. Despite their feather arrangement, Buitreraptor cannot fly. Instead, the animal will climb up one of the many abandoned mailboxes that dot the Extinction Coast. Once on top, the animal will use its excellent eyesight to search for prey in the tall grasses.

But what’s really interesting is that most Buitreraptors will use the same mailboxes over and over. No one is quite sure why this is, or even how the animals recognize one mailbox from the next.

You can support more Extinction Coast artwork and pick up some dinosaur art for your walls by purchasing a print, available here.

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