Snowy Velociraptor

A digital painting of a sole velociraptor prowling the streets of a snowy suburb.

Velociraptor mongoliensis usually travels in small social groups, called packs. On the Extinction Coast, packs rarely number more than four, as the social interactions between animals can become increasingly tense. In this way, velociraptors often fill the ecological niche of wild canids, such as wolves, coyotes, and foxes (all now extinct).

Solitary velociraptors were long thought to be quite rare. But as the animals migrated from rural to suburban settings, wildlife monitors noticed an increase in sightings of individual raptors, unaffiliated with an organized pack.

The current thinking is that these lone velociraptors must subsist mainly on a combination of small rodents and human-made garbage. Still, authorities have alerted residents in these suburbs that they should no longer leave their dogs outside unattended, especially at night. Velociraptors are especially agile, and can easily climb or jump over tall fences–and carry Fido away for an evening meal.

You can support Extinction Coast and get a snazzy velociraptor painting to hang on your wall by ordering a print of this piece in my online store.

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