Chasmosaur Bull

Chasmosaur art that features the ceratopsian dinosaur angrily strutting through a north shore harbor.

Like most members of ceratopsia, Chasmosaurus belli is a herd animal. Usually, these dinosaurs are quite docile, especially if no one’s antagonizing them.

That all changes during mating season.

Bulls spar for dominance of the herd. Occasionally, a bull is exiled from the main group. In these cases, the solitary Chasmosaurs can become quite dangerous animals. They stomp around, angry and rejected.

Sometimes these solitary bulls will make their way down to the harbor, where they disrupt operations for a day or so before moving on. Eventually, the bulls find a new herd to take them in. But in the meantime, it’s best to shut down the site and make sure everyone is keeping their distance.

Support Extinction Coast by purchasing a print of this Chasmosaur bull. You can find prints in my store, here.

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