TARDIS in the Time Vortex

A digital painting featuring Doctor Who fan art. In this piece, the TARDIS is shown flying through the time vortex (inspired by the 13th Doctor's time vortex). The light on the TARDIS shines a bright blue.

The Time Vortex tends to change a bit from season to season and Doctor to Doctor. One of the brilliant things about Doctor Who is how adeptly the show can reinvent itself. But it also means that the concept of the time vortex is pretty fluid, and open to interpretation.

This piece was heavily inspired by the 13th Doctor’s time vortex. I really loved the way that vortex looked in motion and tried to translate it into a painting.

If you’d like to support my art (and hang this TARDIS piece up on your wall while you’re at it), consider purchasing a print in my online store!

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