Enterprise NX-01 – “It’s Been a Long Road”

A digital painting of the NX-class Enterprise NX-01 (as seen on Star Trek: Enterprise). Here, the Enterprise moves away from an orange ringed planet, a bright yellow star in the background.

The NX-01 was the first Starfleet vessel capable of achieving warp 5. As such, the ship had a storied career–making first contacts, engaging enemies, and generally going on adventures. I wanted to create a piece of Enterprise art that matched the series’ sense of adventure.

The NX-class starship is a wonderful design, though it’s another one of those that really grew on me over the years. (Yes, it’s very derivative of the Akira class… but, really, that’s okay. It’s still its own thing.) It certainly belongs right up there with all the other, uh, Enterprises.

If you like this piece and you want to support the creation of more awesome artwork, consider purchasing a print here!

You can also donate to my Kofi account here!

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