T. Rex Ambush

Most paleontologists think that the Tyrannosaurus rex was probably an ambush hunter (to the degree that it hunted). That’s what these two T. rexes are doing in this particular piece. They’re using the train bridge as a nice little ambush site. And when those deer walk through, the dinosaurs will have a nice little lunch (if the rexes can keep quiet enough).

In this dinosaur world I’ve created, non avian dinosaurs have suddenly been springing up in the midwest United States, particularly near the Great Lakes. The animals act like they belong, like they’ve been there all along. No one’s quite sure where they’re coming from or what–if anything–can be done about it.

One thing’s for sure: it’s not great for the local deer populations. In fact, annual deer hunting has twice been canceled due to worries about deer numbers.

To hang this piece on your wall, you can purchase an art print in my store.

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