USS Discovery – At Warp

USS Discovery art featuring the Crossfield-class starship traveling through the galaxy at warp speed, stars whipping by as streaks of light.

The USS Discovery is an experimental Crossfield-class starship, equipped with a displacement activated spore hub drive. In other words, it can use mushrooms to fly. It’s pretty awesome. In this painting, however, the Discovery is traveling at warp speeds.

I always really liked the warp effect seen in the Star Trek: The Next Generation era series. But I also appreciate the way that warp effects have always changed–and the effect used on Star Trek: Discovery is freaking beautiful, too. I decided to combine the Next Gen look with the Discovery look. And I’m really happy with how it turned out.

The Crossfield class starship is one that took a while to grow on me… there are some angles where it still looks really, well, funny. But the show has gotten much better at showing off the Crossfield class’s good sides, and I’ve grown to like the ship quite a bit as a result.

You can purchase prints of this piece in my shop, here.

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