Prometheus Class USCSS Athena

A digital painting of the USCSS Athena, a Prometheus class starship in the Alien Universe. The Athena flies through space, two large planets in the background--one an ominous light blue, and the other a dreary brownish orange.

The first we saw of a Prometheus class or Prometheus-type starship was in the film Prometheus. And it was fascinating. The Prometheus has the same design aesthetic as any other Alien-universe type vessel. But this starship was new. It was high-tech. It was everything the Nostromo wasn’t.

Which makes sense, once you realize it was funded by a billionaire. Peter Weyland wanted to meet his maker, and he spared no expense in building the starship to do it.

Of course, the USCSS Prometheus met something of an untimely end. That doesn’t mean there aren’t other Prometheus-class starships out there, ferrying high level executives to and fro. I decided to name the starship in this piece the USCSS Athena, in keeping with the Greek mythology precedent.

I also wanted this piece to evoke the creepiness, foreboding, and loneliness of the Alien films. If you want to purchase prints of this piece, you can find them here!

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