Alien Fan Art – Xenomorph “Perfect Organism”

A painting of a Xenomorph, hunched over in red light, in the middle of its nest. The elongated head of the Alien reflects the warm, almost ultraviolet light of the room.

To Ash, science office of the Nostromo, the xenomorph was a “perfect organism.” It’s hard to shake that description, and just how much it has shaped the entire Alien universe. It certainly presents a narrative challenge, after all–how can a xenomorph be a perfect organism if your heroes defeat the creature in every film?

Somehow, the xenomorph has never lost its edge. And it has this combination of elegance, beauty, and ferocity. You would not want to come across one. But they look cool.

I decided to lean into my natural painting tendencies when painting this piece. I like the idea that the xenomorph here is just looking over its shoulder–like it just noticed you sneaking through its nest. And now… now, it’s going to do something about it.

Want to hang this piece of Alien art on your walls? You can order prints from my store!

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