Alien Art – “Neomorph Behind You”

Alien fan art featuring a Neomorph. The neomorph crouches, unseen by two Weyland Corporation-employed explorers.

You know one thing you don’t want to sneak up behind you? A neomorph.

These variations on xenomorphs, introduced in Alien: Covenant, are fast and mean. And, somehow, I feel like they’re even creepier than the original Alien creature. They aren’t as elegant–they don’t straddle that line between beauty and horror the way HR Giger’s original design does.

But they are freakin’ creepy. So I decided to paint them! Because… of course I did? (Sometimes when things get in my head, they tend to stay there). Anyway, hope you enjoy this little bit of Alien fan art, featuring the Neomorph!

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