USS Voyager – “Borg Escape”

Star Trek: Voyager fan painting depicting the starship USS Voyager trapped in the tractor beam of a Borg Cube. Voyager fires photon torpedoes in the hopes of making an escape.

Is there a better Star Trek villain than the Borg? Growing up, I loved every Borg episode. And you know what? That’s still mostly true. And that’s definitely what inspired this Star Trek: Voyager painting!

I had two ideas in my head when I painted the starship Voyager last: one was Voyager in front of a debris field. And the other was Voyager facing off against the Borg. I couldn’t choose between the ideas, so I decided to go with both! This is my Borg variant.

In this piece, Voyager is caught in the Borg cube’s tractor beam, trying desperately to get away. Prints of this piece are available, but limited to a run of 10 only! When these prints are gone, they’re gone forever! Check them out here!

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