Triceratops in the Rain

A small herd of Triceratops walk across a path at a state park in this dinosaur artwork.

It’s all about the Triceratops. The other day, my wife and I went to William O’Brien State Park here in Minnesota. There was a light drizzle when our hike started. But that light rain quickly became quite the downpour. And that’s what inspired this particular piece.

I wanted to add the Triceratops herd to this piece because, well, Trikes are a bit of a challenge. I can paint a velociraptor with no problem, but I don’t paint a lot of herbivores. So, that’s what inspired this piece. Just a walk in the park with some Triceratops.


Triceratops Art – “A Walk in the Park” – 10 x 20

This 10 x 20 art print is printed on high quality art paper. Shipping to the continental United States is included in the price.

45.00 $

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