Nebula Class Star Trek Art – USS Farragut “Entering Orbit”

Star Trek fan art featuring the USS Farragut, a Nebula class starship, entering orbit around a big, orange gas giant.

The Nebula Class starship, which first appeared in the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode “The Wounded,” is one of my all time favorite spaceship designs. So for this piece, I really wanted to highlight the shapes, lines, and coolness of the Nebula class starship.

But I also wanted to see the Nebula class from an angle that we typically didn’t. TNG, and ensuing episodes of Trek, often shot the Nebula in a very “top down” way, meaning we saw a lot of the top of the ship, but not much from the ventral side.

There aren’t a whole lot of named Nebula class starships (though there are definitely a few memorable ones), so I went with the USS Farragut. Conceivably, it’s even still in service after the Dominion War.


10 x 20 Art Print – USS Farragut “Entering Orbit”

This piece is printed on high quality art paper. Shipping to the continental United States is included in the price. Please contact me for International shipping rates.

45.00 $

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