Valdore Type Warbird – Star Trek Art

Star Trek art featuring a Romulan Valdore-type warbird swooping through a nebula.
Star Trek art featuring a Valdore-type

This piece was created on commission for a client who wanted a mean, powerful looking Romulan starship. She specifically requested the Valdore-type warbird, and I was really happy about it. The Valdore is an amazing design (once again, we have John Eaves to thank for this ship).

The Valdore-type (so named after the IRW Valdore, the only named ship of this type seen on screen) is a really fascinating design. It seems really closely related to the D’Deridex class warbird… but it also reminds me of a Klingon Bird of Prey. Somehow it looks both powerful and elegant.

But that’s Romulans for you.

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