Battlestar Galactica Fan Art – “Flak”

Fan art of the Battlestar Galactica taking flak. Painting of Battlestar Galactica
Fan art of Battlestar Galactica. The Galactica is taking heavy flak in this space art. Vipers return to the Galactica's landing bays.

For a certain time in the 2000’s, Battlestar Galactica was the single greatest sci-fi television show of all time. It was amazing. And, honestly, I kind of want to go back and revisit it. (I still have a very high opinion of it, despite the somewhat polarizing finale.)

With this piece, I tried to capture some of the energy of Galactica the show while still showcasing how fantastic Galactica the ship really is. So, I wanted this to be a beauty shot and an action shot. Hopefully that succeeded!

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