Velociraptor Search and Rescue

Painting of a scene with dinosaurs: A trained velociraptor on a wildfire search and rescue team helps firefighters search for survivors.

Fighting wildfires is brutal business. Just look check out the news (especially as California burns in 2020). That’s probably where the image of this particular piece came from. I’ve painted a lot of dinosaurs-in-our-world pieces, so it made sense to me that certain species of dino might be incorporated into our lives like canines are.

And, of course, velociraptor is an excellent choice for that. Mostly because they’re smart, relatively small, and tough (in theory?). Anyway, this image came into my head months ago, and it seems like unfortunate timing that I’m posting it now. Still, if you find yourself on this webpage and you’re looking for ways to help out those impacted by wildfires in California, check out this website

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