Space Whale Escort

In this piece of space art, a space whale is escorted by a group of United Earth starships, intent that the space whale safely reach its destination.

I’m not sure where the idea for this piece came from. Space whales are certainly not anything that I can take credit for inventing. The idea is as old as science fiction (or thereabouts). But I do like the idea of lifeforms that reside in space. It’s just kinda cool.

I also like the idea of people doing right by nature. So I the story of this space whale popped into my head. It’s a rare creature, and its centenary migration is full of dangers. In order to keep the space whale safe, the United Earth fleet forms an escort, helping to ensure that the space whale reaches its destination safe and sound.

Hope you enjoy this piece! If you’re interested in a print, check it out in my store!

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