USS Enterprise – “Boldy Go”

An image showing the Star Trek: Discovery-era design of the Starship Enterprise, NCC-1701. This Enterprise fan art was inspired by Star Trek: Discovery.

The Starship Enterprise is likely the single most iconic space vehicle design of the 20th century. Which is probably why updating the ship is hard. Somehow, the folks at Star Trek: Discovery managed to create an elegant and sophisticated take on the USS Enterprise.

And that’s what you see here. The Discovery-era USS Enterprise, NCC-1701. I love the way this ship is designed and updated. And John Eaves and the team at CBS did a fantastic job.

My intention with this piece was to create an homage to the Star Trek: The Original Series opening title sequence. So, here is Captain Pike’s Starship Enterprise. Hope you like it. I call the piece, “Boldly Go.”

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