USS Endeavour – First of Her Class

Star Trek fan art of the Starship USS Endeavour, the setting for a Star Trek Adventures actual play podcast. The Endeavour glides through space, a nebula on the left side, and a small planetoid on the right side.

So, a few months back, I was commissioned to design a starship and create some cool art. The starship would be the setting for a Star Trek Adventures actual play podcast (for those who don’t know, an actual play podcast is kind of like a tabletop role-playing-game radio show… You get to watch other people play an RPG and it’s way more fun than it sounds!).

Anyway, the Endeavour herself has some pretty nifty features. The most interesting is the ship’s ability to create a stable transwarp conduit. Once constructed, other ships can use these transwarp conduits for travel.

It’s a really neat concept, and I had a lot of fun bringing this ship to life!

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