Avenue 5 – “Jovian Hubris”

The starship Avenue 5 in space, in front of Jupiter and two of its moons.

I have to be honest with you all. I’ve never seen an episode of Avenue 5. That’s not due to any intention on my part. I just don’t have HBO. So I’ve had no way of watching the show, even though it looks pretty interesting (comedies in space can be difficult to pull off, but this show seems to have the right tone for it).

But I’m so happy someone commissioned this piece. Because the actual spaceship design here is pretty amazing (and suggestive, yes, but I’ve no doubt that’s the point). That said, this piece was definitely a challenge! There’s not a lot of high-res reference material available on this particular spaceship. But in the end I was able to cobble together images from a few different sources and, I think, make it work!

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