Starscream Transforming Over Cybertron

This piece of Transformers fan art showcases Starscream transforming over a Cybertronian city and blasting his null ray.

Decepticons, attack!! That’s what I hear in my head when I see this finished painting. Oh, and the music from Transformers: The Movie. I have to admit that The Transformers have been one of those things that has stuck with me all through my life. I’ve never tired of these transforming robots (though, I *did* tire of the Michael Bay films; more power to you if you love them, but they were not for me–at least, not after the first one).

This piece was a giant challenge. Getting the transformation right seemed crucial. And, of course, painting Transformers comes with its own unique challenges. Hopefully you like the way this piece turns out just as much as I do!

Now, transform and roll out!

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