Captain Kathryn Janeway… and Her Coffee

Janeway with Coffee - Colors_Dan_Voltz

Yes, yes… that “There’s coffee in that nebula” meme has been done to death. But it endures. Mostly because it’s, well, you can relate. I want coffee in the morning. Kathryn Janeway, captain of the starship Voyager wants coffee in the morning. Somehow it makes Janeway a bit more human, a bit less distant–and that’s just perfect for her character.

So, here’s Captain Janeway, coffee mug in hand. The background represents the galaxy-spanning voyage she and her crew completed, from Delta Quadrant to Alpha Quadrant.

I’m thinking about turning this piece into a sticker or a button… but it really depends on demand. So if you have a preference, let your voice be heard!

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