Rocinante Around Jupiter – The Expanse Fan Art

The spaceship Rocinante in orbit around one of Jupiter's moons (with Jupiter visible in the background). The Expanse fan art.


Rocinante - Colors_Dan_Voltz_v3I love ships that feel like a home. That’s just one of the reasons that the Rocinante is a great ship. It *definitely* feels like a home. It’s hard to imagine Holden, Naomi, Amos, and Alex living anywhere else (or eating lasagna anywhere else).

If you haven’t been watching the Expanse, you’re missing out. It’s easily one of the best science fiction shows in the last decade–if not longer. (I’m speaking as a life-long, die-hard Star Trek fan.) I’ve read the books, too, and they’re quite good (different in their own ways, too, which makes them nice to explore in addition to the TV series).

So if you get anything out of this art, I hope it’s this: Jupiter is gorgeous, and you should watch the Expanse.

Rocinante Around Jupiter – 10×20 Art Print

This art print features the gunship Rocinante (a legitimate salvage) in orbit around one of Jupiter’s moons. Printed on high quality art paper. Shipping to the continental US is included.


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