Romulan Warbird – Intergalactic Subterfuge

A D'Deridex class Romulan Warbird circles a planet. The planet is hidden in a nebula, which takes up most of the frame. The Romulan warship is on the left side of the screen.

“It’s always a game of chess with the Romulans.”
— Jean-Luc Picard

The Romulan Warbird is one of my all time favorite adversary starship designs. It’s so elegant, so threatening–and entirely Romulan. It looks like it’s smiling at you as it’s powering up it’s disruptors.

I wanted the background to echo the subterfuge that Romulans are famous for, so I thought about hiding a planet in a nebula. There’s probably a Romulan base on that planet. Or not. You never know with the Romulans.

Romulan Warbird, D'Deridex class starship, with a purple sun and nebula in the background. Star Trek fan art featuring a Romulan warbird.

Romulan Warbird – Intergalactic Subterfuge – 10×20 Art Print

The Romulans are always engaged in spy games and subterfuge. This piece reflects the Romulan ethos of misdirection. It’s not just their ships that hide in the shadows, it’s their planets, too. This piece is printed on high quality art paper. Shipping to the continental US is included.


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