Raptors in the Suburbs

A pack of velociraptors on the hunt in the suburbs. Artwork featuring dinosaurs in the suburbs.


Raptor Scene - Colors_v3

I’m super excited about this piece, which I plan to be the start of a series of paintings depicting science fiction and fantasy in the suburbs. I know, the suburbs seem kind of… mundane. But that’s what I like about the idea: merging the fantastic with the mundane.

It’s also kind of a new style of piece for me–but that’s also what makes it a bit exciting.

Okay, back to the piece: velociraptors. Every time I see a flock of wild turkeys (we get them around here often), I think about velociraptors–and about how turkeys are essentially modern day dinosaurs. So I thought about how cool it’d be to see a flock of velociraptors wandering about the suburbs.

11 x 14 Print – Raptors in the Suburbs

Velociraptors roaming the suburbs. This is the first piece in a series of “science fiction and fantasy in the suburbs.” Here, the fantastic meets the mundane–and raptors prowl the streets. Printed on fine art paper. Shipping to the continental United States included.


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