The Doctor and Donna

Doctor and Donna - Colors_Dan_Voltz

I’ve always really enjoyed Doctor Who. There’s something about the romantic vision of space travel it presents that really resonates with me (and I don’t necessarily mean kissy-romance… I guess I mean romance more in the classical sense).

Anyway, Donna was always one of my favorite companions, so I thought I’d create a piece that showcases her and David Tennant’s Doctor. (For my money, “Silence in the Library” is one of the all time greatest episodes of Doctor Who).

If you’d like to purchase prints of this piece, you can find it below!

The Doctor and Donna – Art Print – 11×14

David Tennant’s Doctor was always among my favorite incarnations of the character. And one of his best companions was Donna. This piece features the Doctor and Donna poking their heads out of the TARDIS to appreciate a nebula of glowing bees. (They did wonder where all the bees went.) This piece is printed on high-end art paper and carefully packaged for delivery. Shipping to the continental U.S is included.


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